Tigers At The Gate

While attending an Indian wedding, Seem rents an expensive hotel room away from the the wedding crowd, certain that it is the key to avoiding the people and the politics.

Although her plan backfires, she comes to realize that she is a big part of her own critique.

Tigers at the Gate is being produced through the National Screen Institutes Drama Prize Program.


National Screen Institute of Canada Drama Prize Winner 2007

World Premiere - 2008 CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival (Toronto, Ontario)

Edmonton International Film Festival - 2008 (Edmonton, Alberta)

Vancouver International Film Festival - 2008 (Vancouver, Alberta)

Whistler Film Festival - 2008 (Whistler, British Columbia)

American Premiere - 2009 Washougal International Film Festival (Washougal, Washington)

White Sands International Film Festival - 2010 (Las Curces, New Mexico)

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